• Our baby loves your products. Thank you so much!

  • Our experience with Holle has been so great! It's so nice to see Jacob actually enjoy his bottle

  • I love the products sold by the Organic Baby Shop. When I need new formula in a hurry, they always ship it to me on time. Great products and great service. Really saved us. Thank you!

  • My daughter was born pre-mature and after my breast milk ran low and she was at a healthy point to start formula we found Organic Baby Shop. Thank you for recommending Holle Pre. Your customer service has been greatly appreciated.

  • Little Brian is growing and thriving. He barely has to have acid reflux medicine. I think that is because the formula is so good on his system.

  • I just received my most recent order from you and I wanted to say thank you! I've bought from you a number of times and you've been great with shipping and pricing and I'm thankful and pleased!

  • Holle has been such a blessing for our baby! No more upset stomach!

  • We’re so grateful that you guys sell these products because I hated that I had to feed my kid this sugar filled U.S formula. After doing so much research and reading about European organic certifications I feel much safer feeding my LO this formula and not to mention the snacks you guys sell are such a life saver for when you’re on the go. If we have a second kid and my wife experiences the same difficulties with breastfeeding it’s going to be such a no brainer for us deciding which formula to feed. Thank you and we will definitely recommend you to our friends!

  • I'm really satisfied with your customer service. I'll definitely visit again for next step formula & baby meals as my daughter grows up. Thank you for wise solution!

  • I had my baby on Earth’s Best since I couldn’t breastfeed anymore and she’s been experiencing frequent gassiness and occasional constipation. Ever since we decided to wean her onto Holle, she’s been doing so much better. Finally, no more watching her suffer after feedings. Thank you!

  • I love that it is all organic and goats milk rather than cows. My son has always had tummy issues and when I could no longer breastfeed, this was a great product to switch to. I will never try another formula

  • I ordered one box of Lebenswert and my baby likes it! I will definitely be purchasing more.

  • Thank you so much for your recommendation of Holle goat milk formula. We weren’t aware that goat milk would be helpful for ear infections. He was doing so well on the cow milk formula that we were worried that if we switched him to something else other problems would arise but instead his frequent ear infections are almost gone thanks to this amazing formula. We couldn’t be thankful enough for it!

  • It was definitely surprising to see the package the next day at the door. Really appreciate your service and also the product. Will definitely spread the word across.